Delivering Digital Change - Episode 1

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David Worby

8/21/20211 min read

Episode 1 - Have you evaluated your digital performance?

We were delighted recently to be invited to join SAP in one of a series of customer-facing Podcasts. This episode was as part of their broader outreach and partnership program.

The subject, centred around digital competence, benchmarking and how businesses and brands need to be able to measure their maturity. The idea is that this would allow SAP to better understand how the various impacts of digital maturity affect the bottom line. In addition this might help develop the perceptions customers hold about the business.

Kevin Murray MD Greenlight Commerce, Neil Howarth, SAP CX Solution Director and Mark and David from Prospero sat down to debate the issue. In addition they reflected on how the UK market has adapted to change as well as the challenges.

To hear the podcast in full - click on this link...

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Episode 1 - Have you evaluated your digital performance?