Hidden in plain sight

Sometimes we fail to see what's directly ahead off us


David Worby

4/20/20192 min read

I’ve had problems with my vision ever since my late 20’s, the idea of having an extra task, whether remembering your glasses or putting in the contact lenses has been with me for a long time. It was only after laser surgery in my 40’s that I had 8 years of ‘no hassle’, no need to remember where the glasses were, or whether id stored the contact lenses properly. Sadly, this respite recently came to an end as the gravitational pull of nature dragged me back to the way it once was, reminding me that all id done was to buy a few years of being able to see without effort.

The very act of seeing is one of nature’s most amazing gifts (not that we wish to be without any of the senses), but I’ve always been intrigued at whether we all see the same stuff.

In 2016 I learned to ride a scooter – to do this I had to retake my driving test (on a scooter of course) and went through the task of having to do everything properly again i.e. keeping below the speed limit, knowing my stopping distances, and what weird road signs meant – but because it was over 30 years ago that I had taken my first test there was a lot in wait that was new.

The first new thing was a theory test – not done one of those before, and the second was a simulated driving/riding experience during which I was required to identify theoretical threats as I tootled down the road. I clicked the mouse 15 times in 4 minutes – others over 60 times……. now I think we were all looking at the same video, but it made me realise how differently we see things.

Wikipedia describes ‘something hidden in plain sight ‘ as ‘ Seemingly hidden, but not hidden and easy to find’, and maybe there’s a distinction here between seeing things for the first/second time you look.

We’ve all seen the video of the basketball players and the gorilla which suggests many things – but principally how easy it is to be distracted and fail to see what’s right in front of us….Now as its often humans that power business, that gives us a real problem.

At Prospero, we believe that taking an independent holistic view is very important, blending that intel with data helps ensure that we tackle the really important issues – the ones that are often preventing growth being where ideally you want it to be.

We achieve this by using a framework that places focus on the right digital strategies which deliver measurable performance improvements……. and we merge all of this with a wealth of experience and a fair amount of grey hair!

So, if you believe that your business could do with some fresh vision – drop us a line at Prospero

Sometimes we fail to see what's directly ahead off us