Agile Is Dead - But is it Really, lets discuss!

"Agile is dead" said Dave Thomas in his 2014 blog post titled "Agile Is Dead (Long Live Agility)"


David Worby

6/6/20242 min read

"Agile is dead" said Dave Thomas in his 2014 blog post titled "Agile Is Dead (Long Live Agility)"

He had serious concerns about how the Agile movement had diverged from its original principles and values. He argued that the term Agile had become “overly commercialized and co-opted by certification bodies, leading to rigid processes and practices that contradicted the flexibility and responsiveness of the original Agile Manifesto”. short it had veered off course badly.

In our final podcast episode of series 3 we had a lively discussion about Agile and its relevance today

We dive into the Agile mindset, the challenges of defining project visions and endpoints, and the balance between Agile's iterative nature and the need for budgetary control. We also explored the impact on various stakeholders within a multi-channel retail environment, the role of external resources, and the importance of organizational stability.

If you are embarking on a lengthy complex Digital change programme – this is for you, we really hope you enjoy listening and sharing with your network. You may also be interested in a recent report from Engprax which sheds some shocking statistics on recent success/failure rates for Agile projects:

  • projects adopting Agile practices are 268 percent more likely to fail than those that do not

  • projects with clear requirements documented before development started were 97 percent more likely to succeed

  • putting a specification in place before development begins can result in a 50 percent increase in success

  • making sure the requirements are accurate to the real-world problem can lead to a 57 percent increase.

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The Agile movement has diverged from its original principles and values