The Multi Channel Success Podcast - Season 2

The second season for those involved in Multichannel commerce - designed for retailers and D2C brands.


David Worby

12/7/20231 min read

We are delighted to launch Season 2 of the Multichannel Success Podcast, together with The Multichannel Expert.

In these challenging times, it’s important to get all the help you can in propelling your retail business forward, that’s exactly what our new podcast season is all about.

We had great feedback from you for our first season released earlier this year, so have decided to come back for a second season.

As before, we’ve tried to give you a mix of strategic guidance and real-world practical advice that will help you drive your multichannel success. In addition, we are delighted to welcome a new sponsor Bettercommerce.

We’re delighted that this time round we have 4 special guests – who join us to debate subjects close to their hearts, we really hope their insights are useful. We dive into subjects as diverse as ‘HR – the Digital challenge’ and ‘how to lower the cost of returns’ as well as strategy, culture and how headless commerce is taking the world by storm.

If you found the first series useful, you’ll definitely enjoy the second.

All podcasts are now available on Spotify/Apple/Google as well as here

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Your hosts:

David Worby – Prospero Commerce

Mark Pinkerton – Prospero Commerce

David Kohn – The Multichannel Expert

Our Guests:

Vikram Saxena

James Minter

Peter Hietala

Paul McDermott

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