Rationale for Season 3 of The Multichannel Success podcast

A short piece to explain what we are hoping to achieve with Season 3.


Mark Pinkerton

4/25/20241 min read

You can access all 7 episodes here.

We have changed things up a bit and ensured we have brought in more experts - as a boutique consultancy we have great skills and capabilities across the eCommerce and digital ecosystems but there will always be specialists with more in-depth knowledge than us.

So we invited guests who we know are passionate about their specific areas -

Deepak Anand from Shopline and Jeremy Wilson from PROSPERO (Platforms)

Abi Hough from UU3 LIMITED (CRO)

Kevin Murray from Infinity (Kev used to be an SI)

Dan Burnham from Listabl (Channels)

Alexander Dean from Snowplow (AI)

James Brooke and Michael Robinson from Sweft  (Efficiency)

We ensure our guests are not overtly selling their solution or service and that they are happy to share their knowledge with our audience - often built up over decades (just like us). The intention is to provide listeners with practical, pragmatic advice from the grey hairs ( David Worby Mark Pinkerton & David Kohn along with the experts.

So Season 3 was a lot of fun to make and we really hope you enjoy listening as much as we enjoyed the discussions that created it.

We will focus on a new episode every week on LinkedIn but all are downloadable and listenable now here.

Any thoughts or questions please do drop us an email: [email protected]

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Welcome to Season 3 of the Multichannel Success Podcast.