SalesForce Commerce Cloud (SFCC) QuickStart programme

QuickStart programme - Prospero's view


David Worby

5/30/20202 min read

One of the real consequences of CV-19 has been the realisation that all businesses need to have a commercial digital channel for the New Normal. In this context, it makes sense for SalesForce Commerce Cloud (SFCC)– a leader in the field, to offer a fast way to make it happen.

The past is littered with many bad examples of vendors providing ultimately compromised ways of accessing the digital market quickly; that’s why Prospero Commerce was keen to understand how the recent plethora of Commerce Cloud offerings from SFCC would work for those wishing to take their first fleeting steps into this new world, particularly those looking for D2C.

For starters, what becomes immediately obvious is that this offer is really for new market ecommerce entrants; if you already have a digital commerce channel up and running, then this is unlikely to be for you. Despite this, SFCC has assembled a high-quality network including Accenture, Astound, Capgemini, Deloitte, and OSF as well as pre-integrated solutions from partners such as Cybersource....and of course, it's all done at speed.

The D2C product has a set of pre-determined functions, working in a pre-defined way, order management, storefront services, and integrations to operations are all built-in, as are payment services using high-quality payment providers. Also included is a 3 months SI support package. Link to the full inclusion list here.

We at Prospero have established that this solution, unlike many before, doesn’t lead to a ‘lite’ version of the SFCC product – you get the ‘full-fat’ version, from which all standard SFCC functions can easily be added such as Internationalisation, Customisation, and Marketing Services.

The cost?

The current launch price offer is $195k per year, this is clearly not aimed at the smaller end of the start up market or arguably those without a presence. But if you are a medium-sized business who needs a digital channel quickly that can scale, then it could be for you.

So, this is a bold step, delivered at speed by an eCommerce market leader ( in the UK anyway) – however, we’re left wondering on a couple of points:

If you are a new entrant to the market, you’re unlikely to have all of the other operational elements established ie

  • Single SKU pick and pack,

  • Distribution agreements

  • Customer service centre

It would be a stronger offer if these requirements were also included, as has been done for payment services.

Have they left this too late, given the availability of simple eCommerce platforms such as Shopify and Facebook shop?

We would like to see more complete digital commerce turnkey solution, created with the appropriate leading solutions to address these gaps so that it is ready to go!

Please do let us know what you think

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