Brave Bison, Big Commerce and Prospero Webinar

Lessons about Customer eXperience (CX) optimisation with Brave Bison


David Worby

3/17/20221 min read

Im delighted to have taken part in a webinar with, Ed Hornby and Buster Dover of Brave Bison / Greenlight Commerce and Jim Herbert of Big Commerce yesterday to discuss and debate the merits of how to optimise the customer experience. It was a great session and started with looking back to move forward. We reflected on the past 6 months and dissected what lessons can be learnt from the biggest retail time of the year.

The session also touched on some of the key decisions being reflected on by retailers and brands as we emerge from three peak shopping seasons for online retailers.

Click here to access the webinar

Maybe you were affected by supply chain issues, or simply hamstrung by legacy systems and eCommerce platforms that are no longer up to the task, so we debated the key levers that support making the right decisions.

We hope the handpicked audience found the 60 minutes useful - and if you feel like now is the time to reach out, please hit the contact us page and we can chat next week.

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Lessons to be learnt from the biggest retail time of the year.