Success Story

Global Supermarket Chain

  • New US eCommerce site & global platform being developed simultaneously inhouse. Client needed external experience of eCommerce to validate go-to-market risks

  • End-to-end monitoring needed reviewing.

  • Organisational design was in flux with many parties unaware of activity & plans across large agile team (c500 people).

  • Worked collaboratively across multiple countries and teams

  • Undertook a detailed and focused diagnostic review of their eCommerce plans and activities

  • Reported back to global team as well as internal dev house & US operational team

  • Acted as honest broker between multiple internal parties

  • Maintained our Independent, agnostic approach at all times whilst speaking truth to power (trusted advisor)

  • Detailed risks within program across business & technology

  • Recorded customer journeys to ensure clear monitoring at all stages from both tech & business POV

  • Prioritised risks for launch, highlighting red flags

  • Presented a clear set of prioritised risks (80+) and potential mitigations to Senior Leadership team

  • Launch risks understood from a reputational perspective

  • Created a “get to good” programme to recover potential lost business revenue

  • Ran workshops with senior teams

  • Clarified responsibilities across teams

  • Developed disaster recovery plans for multiple potential failures

  • Led major incident assessment methodology

  • Assembled detailed customer journeys against which future plans can be mapped

Client Situation

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Image of client team
Image of client team
Our role
Our role
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the results a trophy