Success Story

US Multi- Brand Holding Company

  • One brand amongst the portfolio of c40 brands, was struggling with D2C.

  • They wanted an external perspective on the best ways to grow.

  • Undertook a thorough diagnostic review of their D2C channel and assessed the brand’s performance, processes, people and technology using our Prospero Diagnostic Framework.

  • Presented a clear roadmap of actions for the holding company to understand drivers of growth and remedial actions needed

  • Created clear implementation plan, spanning 6 months

  • Worked closely with brand eCom & SLT teams to gain buy-in and kickstart the changes needed

  • Actively delivered workstreams around site speed, SEO, new brand website, team skills and structures

  • Identified major weakness in customer retention

  • Established customer-centric dashboard for SLT and operationalised it

  • Defined KPIs across the eCom team

  • Solved content & SEO-related issues

  • Completed UI review with changes implemented

  • Drove changes to priorities so eCom inventory was prioritised

  • Mentoring head of eCom & SLT

  • Redefined IA, with recommendations around metadata and attributes

  • Recommendations made for analytics

  • Redefined asset process flow for DAM

  • Re-defined team with new role definitions

  • Provided content strategist

Client Situation

Our role

The results

client meeting
client meeting
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3 people in a group