Who said What?

Looking for what’s truly present


David Worby

8/16/20192 min read

Someone once said “A man should look for what is, and not what he thinks should be”….many have attributed this to Albert Einstein. Many wise comments have also been attributed to the designer of the world’s most famous equation, many of which he probably never uttered.

In his international mega-bestseller, ‘Everything is F*cked’ Mark Manson offered a view that “Einstein might be the most ill-used historical figure on the internet. He’s like our culture's smart friend, the one we say agrees with us to make us sound smarter than we are.”

The reality is that our environment, conditioning, and ideologies make it difficult to block out our preconceptions. At times we all find it challenging to see what’s in front of us…….as if to complicate things further. We rarely give ourselves quality time to think without disturbance or interruption.

Looking for what’s truly present – rather than simply adopting the opinions of those that went before, is both a matter of curiosity and fact. There is a discipline to identifying facts and developing insights from them without falling into old habits or resorting to the previous beliefs. This approach combined with a passion for holistic thinking is at the heart of what Prospero does for its clients.

At Prospero, we believe that being independent is very important. We start by ensuring there is a well-crafted link between any digital commerce activity and the business strategy.

We achieve this by using a framework that’s holistic and places focus on the right digital strategies which deliver measurable performance improvements. We then merge all of this with a wealth of experience and a fair amount of grey hair!

After all, as Einstein did say “I have no special talents, I am just passionately curious”

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Einstein might be like our culture's smart friend