Advisory &
Operational Services

We offer a wide assortment of digital capabilities to support the needs of retailers, brands and owners

We have developed a systematic and disciplined approach that allows us to: evaluate options; set priorities; allocate resources; and align actions to achieve long-term goals and objectives.

Our framework covers the current & future capabilities of the business, the vision & mission, external factor analysis such as market trends and competition. This gives us the ability to shape practical strategies that can be implemented rapidly.


Central to our work is a diagnostic approach - we designed our framework (PDF) to evaluate holistically the 8 key capabilities of all digital businesses. This assessment can then be used to benchmark clients to produce a clear illustration of relative strengths and opportunities.

The diagnostic evaluation ingests a wide assortment of data sets, interviews with digital team members as well as conversations & feedback from end customers


"We loved that they challenged our assumptions......"

We take a very practical & hands-on approach to analysing performance. Our understanding of the interconnectedness-of-all-things digital means we get to the root causes of performance to find out what's working and what's not.

With our Diagnostic Framework (PDF), we uncover the real opportunities for growth. Whether it's boosting conversions, fine-tuning marketing strategies, or perfecting your product, we're here to pinpoint the problem and deliver quick solutions that drive results


We regularly review the vendor market to ensure we provide the most up-to-date view of both strategic and tactical developments. This allows us to provide independent and holistic advice to our clients across the digital ecosystem.

Our framework covers feasibility assessment and suitability of a wide variety of technologies including eCommerce, PIM, CMS,OMS etc


We help our clients deliver customer-centric strategies. These plans are designed to achieve defined business objectives by engaging and serving customers effectively.

Our framework involves understanding the needs, preferences, and behaviours of customers and designing strategies to Acquire & Retain customers and develop Advocacy. We are passionate believers in helping clients retain more of their customers


Prospero’s Risk management capability underpins much of our work – whether it’s the development and deployment of new technology, or the entry into new markets.

Our experience and independence allow us to analyse any digital-first opportunity objectively, whether that be pre-transaction due-diligence support, or a strategic assessment where risk mitigation is paramount.


Our success stories cover a wider variety of different situations and challenges

Large multichannel fashion retailer

US multi-brand holding company

Global supermarket chain